sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2011

Tradução da redação do dia do estudante

The August 11 make us reflect on the importance of student participation in social, political and cultural life of the Brazilian people. The signing of the act creating the emperor's legal education in Brazil, became a landmark of great prominence of Brazilian education. Was so significant that in 1927, at the suggestion of Ghent Celson Lay, that date became the official day of the student. Especially today we bet on our ability to create and transform reality. Do not just have dreams, you must have strength and will to transform the dream into reality. In kindergarten, the contagious joy, the fun wheel, curiosities, fantasies, unconscious desire to learn and vibration on the aspects of each discovery that enchant us, because we lead the way back to childhood, giving a special color life, thus purifying our adult way of being. Following elementary school, being a lot of excitement, doubts, uncertainties and unknowns, the student gradually becomes aware of the difficulties going to act like a hero, trying to overcome the obstacles that come your way. Leaving school, high school comes, bringing new obstacles and contradictions. More mature, the student knows what it takes leverage its strength and youth to pursue the goals without fear of the new and future difficulties. Therefore concluded that the professional of tomorrow is today's student.

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